Mobile Testing con GTmetrix

mobile testing gtmetrix

Test your site on a mobile device! (and many more new features).

We have a bunch of new features now available to help you optimize your site. In addition to mobile testing, we’ve added connection throttling, filmstrip view and an enhanced UI for your settings and options.

Mobile Testing on Actual Devices

We load your URL through an actual Android device to get real world performance data on your page load.

We’re also able to create fuller and more detailed HAR files as well as high quality video playback without affecting the page load for mobile tests.

Connection Throttling

See how your site performs on a wide range of connections to identify any potential loading issues for your target audiences.

Select from a Cable, DSL, 3G, 2G or 56k dial-up connection.

Filmstrip View

Get an alternative visualization of your site load in real-time snapshots.

This is especially useful if the video playback of the site load occurs too quickly.

Enhanced UI for Options/Settings

With the new features requiring options and settings, we’ve redesigned our settings modals so that you can more easily discover and access them.

We’ve put the more useful options and settings in the forefront while pushing the more advanced options into a separate tab.

Currently, our mobile testing suite is composed of a limited number of phones. So – you may experience queues. GTmetrix PRO users get priority access for their mobile tests

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